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Fishes of the Great Lakes

Let's go fishing! It was impossible to catch every fish species in the Great Lakes on one fishing trip, until now...

The aquatic expertise at CyberNatural was put to good use in this CD, which won the 2000 AMTEC media festival AWARD of EXCELLENCE. Delight in the stunning, full-screen photographs as you learn everything you want to know about all 148 fish species found in the Great Lakes. Topics include descriptions, ecology, reproduction, distribution, and lots more. Sound, 3-D animation, and cartoons enliven the pages of our virtual library books on the general biology, morphology, and evolution of fishes. Perhaps you would rather put on a favourite fishing hat and prepare to be challenged with our interactive fishing game. Catch them if you can! But remember, you only get to "keep" the ones you can identify. With this CD, all ages can discover what's under the waters of the Great Lakes.

In the cottage, you have instant access to any of the books, which will inform both the novice learner and the seasoned outdoors person. This CD contains a complete list of the fishes that inhabit the Great Lakes; it is both detailed and yet easily read. Take a walk on the wilder side of fish biology by clicking on the mounted fish on the wall. This book of "funky fish" will surprise and amuse with its stylish "comic book" format. For some real fun, there’s a virtual fishing trip that will stimulate your reflexes, as well as your mind!

All that you ever wanted to know about fish, but were afraid to ask, is concisely documented through the use of bright, bold, and interactive diagrams. Each screen is accompanied by extensive spoken information that will increase the retention of information for learners. You can print each screen along with the accompanying notes to read at your leisure or to aid in a classroom project.

Get ready to click madly as you attempt to catch your limit in the fishing game. After the frenzied activity you come to the real test of identifying each fish that you caught. Afterwards you can access information for each species directly – to improve your knowledge – or print your results to hand them in for an assignment. With four different scenarios and randomly selected fish, this game is guaranteed to keep you hooked!

System Requirements: Windows 95, 16 MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, 16 bit sound card, 4X CD-ROM Mac: System 7.0 or later, 16 MB RAM, SVGA monitor, 4X CD-ROM drive; built-in audio



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