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Daphnia of North America

An advanced pictorial catalogue of every Daphnia species found in North America.

Detailed descriptions of morphology, ecology, and distribution for each of the 34 species, complete with microphotographs. General information on Daphnia biology, phylogeny, and sampling is also provided. The easy-to-use visual identification key makes this the perfect resource for academics, students, and other aquatic enthusiasts.

This monograph is partitioned into four sections. The first of these provides access to background information on the biology of Daphnia that will be valuable to the casual user. Individuals making more frequent use of the CD will move directly to the three alternate routes to access information on the Daphnia fauna of North America.

The first of these access routes provides a listing of all species in North America and subsequent access to morphological, ecological, and distributional information on each taxon. The second of these pathways provides a species list for eleven regions of North America and subsequent access to detailed information on these species.

The third and final route provides a series of keys that permit both the assignment and exclusion of any cladoceran to the genus Daphnia, and subsequent species level identification for any of the 34 members of the genus.

System Requirements: Windows 3.1, 8 MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, 16 bit sound card, 2X CD-ROM



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