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Birds of the Great Lakes

A must for bird enthusiasts of all ages and experience.

Participate in virtual birding expeditions in the Great Lakes basin, or expand your knowledge of general avian biology by browsing the virtual library. Learn about all 130 species of birds found in aquatic environments around the Great Lakes; view stunning photographs and listen to their calls. Expand your knowledge of general avian biology. Topics include ecology, reproduction, behaviour, and evolution. Includes a searchable index, as well as descriptions and maps of the best birdfinding sites in the Great Lakes area.

Can you identify all 130 species of birds regularly seen and heard around the Great Lakes? Here's the chance to put your skills to the test. Choose your level of difficulty, pick a habitat, and enjoy a virtual birdwatching expedition. But be warned, this CD keeps score!

There are over 130 avian species found in the Great Lakes basin. This CD brings each one of them to life on your computer screen. Includes detailed information on each species such as distribution, breeding biology, ecology, and behaviour. Not only can you listen to the calls of these birds, but you can also watch them with our animated sonograms!

This CD includes a virtual library with a range of books on bird biology. An Introduction to the Birds includes sections on taxonomy, feeding strategies, human interactions, morphology, and reproduction; Avian Evolution describes the relationship between reptiles and birds, the unique adaptations of birds, the history of birds, and the avian fossil record; Birdfinding describes 16 locations for Great Lakes birdwatching including maps, habitat descriptions, species that can be encountered, and travel notes.

Teacher Information

This CD is an ideal resource for any educator or student with an interest in birds. The combination of a global and a Great Lakes perspective teaches students about concepts and provides them with tangible examples to which they can relate. It can be used alone, or in conjunction with other CDs in our Great Lakes Faunal Atlas series, in several contexts including as reference material or for workstation-oriented tasks.

System Requirements: Windows 3.1+, 8 MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, 16 bit sound card, 2X CD-ROM Mac: System 7.0 or later, 8 MB RAM, SVGA monitor, 2X CD-ROM drive; built-in audio



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