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Introduction to Aquatic Environments

Winner of the 1997 SONY PRIZE for best post-secondary educational CD-ROM.

The definitive introduction to aquatic systems, this double CD-ROM set takes the study of aquatic environments to a new level. Featured topics are brought to life with high-quality photos and graphics, humorous cartoons, narration, animation, and interactivity. This is an ideal resource for educators, libraries, and anyone interested in aquatic ecosystems.

A massive amount of information is partitioned into ten session-sized modules. Topics include: Rivers, Lakes, Physical Processes in Aquatic Environments, Chemistry of Aquatic Environments, Food Webs and Aquatic Plants, Zooplankton, Benthos, Fishes, Toxic Contaminants and Water Quality Assessment, Biodiversity and Exotic Species.

A multitude of graphic data from real examples and "How to Measure It" sections give the material a practical dimension. Animation and interactivity encourage investigative learning, while crisp photos of aquatic habitats and humorous cartoons add to this educational experience.

This CD-ROM set is designed as a self-taught course. A comprehensive course manual is available and serves as a guide to the CDs. Introductions to all the topics, examples, and data from actual research add to a student's depth of understanding. A compendium of the organisms studied and the terms used is also included. The self assessment materials that accompany the manual ensure the student has accomplished their learning goals.

Teacher Information

Introduction to Aquatic Environments can be used in several ways. For educators working in the senior primary and secondary school system, there is no better primer on aquatic biology. Not only can the CD provide you with a sound knowledge base, but it can also serve as a resource of materials and graphics for use in the classroom. Senior high school and university students can also benefit from project- or workstation-oriented forays into the CDs. Alternatively, the CDs could be offered as a core component of a post-secondary credit course in either a lab setting or as distance education. At the University of Guelph, both strategies have been implemented with great success.

System Requirements: Windows 3.1+, 8 MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, 16 bit sound card, 2X CD-ROM



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